The TEAR ShamrockAR is an 8 hour adventure race involving some Urban Orienteering, Mountain Biking, a paddle on the scenic River Barrow and some treking/trail running as teams navigate around the Barrow Valley and Blackstairs Mountains. What better way to stend Paddies weekend 2019!

The TEAR Shamrock AR will have an Expert Class where teams complete all stages and a Sport Class where teams can leave out the water stage. 


Like a shamrock the race will be split into three stages based around the race HQ - the new Outdoor Acivity Hub in Graignamanagh. Teams will navigate their way around the hills, forests and rivers in the region finding as many checkpoints as possible over the 8 hours. More experienced teams will be streched to visit all the checkpoints but you can check off as many as you like and still compete. Some will be easy to access, others not so - its up to you which ones you go for! 

All teams will need to have the appropriate race map (see race map below). Every team should have someone that is able to read a map and navigate or they risk getting lost! There will be very few conventional route markers. The race course is designed to allow people of varing speeds and abilities to compete it from the most hardened elite adventure racer to the novice team looking for an outdoor challenge. Each team will recieve details of all manditory and bonus controls around the course in advance of the race ( emails to all teams a few days before the race) and this will allow teams to plot these controls on their maps and plan their route in advance of the race.

Race is open to teams of two or four to enter and teams can be mixed, all male or all female. Further details and team sign up here and there is an early bird discount for entries in before 31st Dec ! 


The TEAR ShamrockAR will be based in Graignamanaigh, Co. Kilkenny in 2019. Graignamanigh is a scenic village located  in the heart of the Barrow Valley and Blackstairs Mountains in Co.Kilkenny. It is the ideal location for a multi-sport adventure race and is only 30 minutes from Kilkenny, 1hr45 from Dublin


A new Outdoor Activities Hub in Graignamanigh will serve as Race HQ and with warm showers, good parking and located right on the river, it should work well! For people travelling down the night before the race, there is camping  and other accommidation options available.


Manditory ( For each Team of 2) 

  • Mountain Bikes & Helmets

  • Front & Rear Bike Lights ( one each bike)

  • Spare tubes (2 p.p.), levers, Pump

  • Race Map ( one per team) 

  • First Aid Kit 

  • Space Blacket x2

  • Spare Base Layer

  • Mobile Phone & Water Proof Carrier Bag ( 1 per team)

  • Quality Outdoor Jacket & Over Pants ( x2)

  • Hat

  • Watch & Whistle

  • Head Torch


In addition to your normal day racing kit the following is recomended

  • Winter Biking Gloves

  • Buff

  • Fin Tip Marker + Highligher

  • Daypack with waterproof liner

  • Trail running shoes

  • Race food / drinks


The TEAR ShamrockAR will use the Blackstairs, Mount Leinster & Barrow Valley map from Eastwest Mapping as the race map for this event.

Each team will need to purchase a copy of the map in advance directly from Eastwest Mapping online or when signing up for the race.

All race controls will be marked onto this map by each team either before the race day or on the morning of the race.


1. Teams must carry manditory kit with them at all times during the race.
2. All competitors must attend the Pre-Race Briefing
3. All team mates must complete each stage in the race together and dib-in to each control together.
4. All teams must aim to finish the face before 6pm. A stiff time penalty will apply to any teams finishing after 6pm 
5. All teams must adhere to the rules of the road and cycling on the correct side of the road at all times.
6. All teams are required to pack out and rubbish they pack in for the race e.g, wrappings, peals etc

7. Teams that decide to pull out of the race during the race must report this to the race director or event marchals.  
8.  In the event that changes need to be made to the race format ( weather, river conditions etc), these adjustments will be made by the race director and will be accepted by all competitors


10th March - Race Briefing E-mailed issued to all Registered Teams including coordinates for all race controls. This will allow teams to mark race control locations onto  their race map before arriving to the race HQ on Race morning. There will be plenty of time for teams to double check their maps before the start of the race also ! 

16th March

7am - 9.30am 

Team Registeration,Map Mark -Up, Race Prep and Briefing

10am  Race Start

6pm  Race Finish

6.15pm - 7.30pm 

After race food and Prize Giving

7.30 - Late  After Race ShamrockAR Party